Important Changes for 2016 Season – PLEASE READ

There is updated annual dues pricing and a 2016 assessment. The Club must assess each member family this season in order to replenish the capital account which was underfunded over the last several years. There are capital improvements projects slated for the near term which will require significant funding, most notably the dredging of the PMBC marina. The Board intends for this to be a one-time assessment, however, the balance of the capital account will be reviewed again after the season. Look for further information about capital improvements on this website and in Club email communications in the coming weeks. 

This year, the Club will not be distributing PMBC parking stickers. Instead, your PMIA and SHMA parking stickers will be valid for beach club parking. PMIA (Philipse Manor Improvement Association) and SHMA (Sleepy Hollow Manor Association) residents who do not already have a train station parking sticker for 2016 will need to register with their respective associations to get one. For members living outside Philipse Manor and Sleepy Hollow Manor, you may obtain a PMBC parking sticker(s) by registering with the PMIA. PMIA will require your vehicle information and will charge a fee for the stickers. ( 

Note : PMBC parking stickers are not valid for commuting.

PMBC Club Rules:  These rules are in place for your family's, and the Club's, safety and protection. (for full rules list, click here: RULES)

  • In general, please treat the Club grounds as though it were your own property or back yard.

  • Remember to sign in when you arrive, and note the number of guests you have with you, if any.
  • If the "Beach Closed" sign is up, or if there are no guards on duty, do not enter the water (for your own safety).
  • When parking, please leave plenty of room for cars to turn around at the north end of the lot; if necessary, turn around and park at the south/eagle end of the lot.
  • The parking lot can fill up quickly. Please consider walking or riding a bicycle to the Club.
  • When you leave the club, please take a moment to put away chairs that you have used; also, please throw trash in the bins onsite (before 8pm), or else take it with you and deposit it in the bins in the white-fenced corral at the south end of the lot (after 8pm); trash that is left overnight will only wind up as a meal for unwanted critters.
  • When leaving after 8pm (or whenever the gate is locked), please lock the gate behind you.
  • Children 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult when on the beach or in the water.
  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the Club.
  • No one under 18 is allowed in the marina area without a boat owner.
  • No one under 21 is allowed at the club after 6pm (yes, 6pm) unless accompanied by an adult member.
  • No one under 21 may consume alcohol on Club grounds.
  • 4th of July - the Club will be crowded. Please consider walking to the Club if possible. Limit of 4 guests per family. No private parties may be booked this weekend.

All that being said, we hope you will visit the Club every chance you get! 


Upcoming events

07 May 2016 9:00 AM (EDT) • beach club
27 May 2016 11:00 AM (EDT) • beach club
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