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Thank You!

To our PMBC Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you to everyone for your patience and cooperation in helping to make this season a safe one. Thanks to you and our dedicated group of Guards, we were able to be run successfully for virtually the entire season. 

We wish all our members a healthy Fall and Winter and look forward to being able to open for our 100th season next Spring.

Until then, be safe and be happy.

The PMBC Board

Post Season Rules:

If you visit the Club off-season, please follow these procedures:

  • Bring your gate key with you every time you visit.
  • Lock the gate behind you (to limit trespassers and for safety) when you enter and when you leave.
  • Remove all your trash from the Club when you leave.


Member Code of Conduct

Members will adhere to all rules or risk having their memberships suspended or revoked. 

Members will treat our Guards with respect at all times. Any issues that a member has regarding rules or direction from a Guard enforcing club rules or making requests for the safety of our members should be addressed with a Board member.

Members will treat fellow members with consideration and respect or risk having their memberships suspended or revoked. Complaints regarding member or guest conduct should be directed to the Board.

Membership has reached capacity for 2020.  We are no longer accepting applications unless you live in Philipse Manor.

Parking Information:
All members of the beach club are required to have proper parking stickers.  PMIA will only be distributing stickers for beach club members that live outside PMIA or SHMA. If you live outside the manors, please be on the lookout for an invoice to buy the parking pass.  Some members will already have the parking pass added to their invoice. If you live in Philipse Manor and want a sticker for parking, you must join PMIA also here. If you live in Sleepy Hollow Manor and want a sticker for parking, you must join SHMA here.

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